- Schedule your fills on a 2-3 week basis. Each guest will be on a customized fill schedule, so please refer to your artist's recommendation.
- Avoid picking, pulling, or tugging on your lash extensions.
- Sleep on your back to avoid any unnecessary snagging.
- Daily washing with an approved lash cleanser is mandatory to continue lash extension wear.
- Gently pat, dry & brush lashes after your daily lash bath.
- Do not apply mascara to your extensions. If you're wanting more density, chat with your artist about how you can achieve that at your next appointment. Mascara over extensions will result in an automatic full set.
- If you have applied makeup (eyeshadow or foundation), use an approved makeup remover to gently and effectively remove all makeup residue and follow up with a lash bath.
- If recommended by your lash artist, use a lash serum nightly to nurture your natural lashes.

- Avoid water around the eye area for the first 24 hours after your appointment. 
- Schedule your next Lift 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment. 

- Avoid wetting your freshly laminated or dyed brows for the first 24 hours after your appointment. 
- Use a damp spoolie to brush hairs into your desired shape daily. You can incorporate a brow gel product to hold them in their new shape if you please.
- Use a hydrating oil to rehydrate the brow hairs nightly, approximately 6 weeks after your appointment. Castor Oil is a great option!
- You can also use a lash serum on your brows to generate hair growth (Borboleta Beauty's Lash Serum is AMAZING for this!).
- Schedule your next brow lamination 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment.



I'm located inside of a Salon named Image Studios, nestled in between Burger King and Valvoline. Our doors are locked at all times for security reasons, so please remain in your car and text me when you have arrived.

Our address:
Image Studios
2077 NE Town Center Drive, Beaverton, OR 97006


- Arrive with freshly cleaned lashes/brows. Bonus points if you stop wearing mascara 2 days leading up to your lash appointment!
- Avoid caffeine, as jittery eyes make it hard to properly apply extensions.
- If you wear contacts, please bring your case to remove them during your service. 
- Bring ALL of the inspo pics! Screenshots of your favorite looks will be the best way to understand your desired result.
- Prepare for the best lash nap ever! 


Please read through the information below to know how to best prepare for your service, as well as how to maintain your results!

Nothing helps a service go smoother than being prepared with everything you need to know!